SkatesGiving 2021

What is SkatesGiving?

SkatesGiving is a drop in style skate on Thanksgiving morning used to raise funds for your local hockey association. Money is raised via sponsors, skate registration, merchandise and pie sales in order to direct funds to the local youth program. The goal is to help your local association grow the game and get more kids playing. In Breckenridge that means our primary goal is to make the Mite program free and introduce more kids to the sport. On Thanksgiving morning, we rent a few hours of ice and divide up the teams to make sure the teams are leveled. We schedule the appropriate amount of spots per hour so the benches are full, but not too full and we play some hockey. We don’t keep score. We just have lots of fun and make sure everyone touches the puck. It is a non-competitive, fun and inclusive skate for everyone of all skill levels. Are your kids coming home from college? Do they want to get on the ice with their friends? Perfect….sign them up. Does your 12 year old hockey player not have a Thanksgiving tournament? Great! Get her on the ice. Mom and Dad…don’t forget to bring your skates too.

Whats included with the event?

SkatesGiving 2021 Schedule

Thursday Nov. 25
All day - Pie Sales
Skate 1
Skate 2
Skate 3
Friday Nov. 26
“Hockey Stories” with Monte Montepare
Join us on Friday evening, November 26th, 2021 via Zoom for “Hockey Stories” with Monte Montepare and special guests. All proceeds benefit local hockey programs and support our mission of getting more kids to the rink.

Register for SkatesGiving 2021

Date and Time
November 25, 2021 - Times TBD
Breckenridge (Stephen C. West Ice Arena) Indoor and Outdoor Ice

Register for Hockey Stories

Date and Time
November 26, 2021 - Times TBD
Breckenridge (Stephen C. West Ice Arena) Indoor and Outdoor Ice

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